LabelMates MIST
LabelMates MIST

LabelMates MIST

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LabelMates MISt


Labemates Requirements are very much top notch and Premium ‼️

We must have the best and we must Have flawless skin.

You MUST add the LabelMates MIST to your daily beauty routine

The Labemates Mist includes anti inflammatory properties that helps reduce acne, redness and irritation of the skin.

Also great for unclogging pores.

Our LabeMates Mist is also great wit dry and irritated scalp.

Daily use the LAbelMates mist onto your face skin hydration.

Use when needed for dry scalp and soothing relief.


Keep your MIST in the refrigerated for supreme results



Ingredients: All Natural Distilled (Water), Organic Rose Petals, Organic Prunus dulcis 100% cold pressed.,


No FDA Approved

Handmade in USA